Month: April 2016

BPNJ Presents on Racial Disparity and Criminal Justice

On Thursday, April 14th we delivered a presentation to the Racial Justice Task Force on our work and research into racial disparity in the Champaign County criminal justice system. We also made some suggestions for areas we felt needed further investigation. We have compiled all pieces of our presentation here in this post and in our “Resources and Links” page of this site for public access. We appreciate the RJTF allowing us time to present and encourage our county to pursue alternatives to incarceration.

Linked here is part of our supplemental packet given to the county board (please see the additional inserts listed below):

Supplemental Packet Provided to the Champaign County Racial Justice Task Force, April 14th, 2016

Inserts, slides, and infographics are listed here:

Overview of Recommendations to Champaign County Regarding the Criminal Justice System by CJTF, ILPP, and NIC

Jail Population Snapshot: 2015-09-02 Infographic on jail population 4

Who is in the Champaign County Jail?

Finally, all slides from our presentation can be accessed here: Jail Snapshot for RJTF.pptx