Month: March 2020

Community Justice Collaborative Presentation

The following is a presentation provided by the newly formed “Community Justice Collaborative” who presented this information to the Champaign County Board on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

“The Community Justice Collaborative (CJC) Report on the Jail is intended to serve as a summary of available information and research relevant to the future of Champaign County’s jails. It is intended as an accessible resource for policymakers and constituents to understand the history of the conversation, the challenges the county faces, and community-recommended strategies for moving forward.

The CJC proposals outline an approach that closes the downtown jail without resorting to a multi-million dollar jail building project that is out of step with current trends. The current stasis has resulted in the inability to move forward on this and other agenda items desired by the county board and their constituents.

The recommendations here are data-driven, strategic, sustainable, and aligned with core values of civil rights and fiscal responsibility. The recommendations are aimed at producing a significant win for the county by improving the conditions at the jail and saving taxpayers money. It positions Champaign County as a model for how to adapt to a changing regulatory framework.

This report was compiled by a collaborative of concerned residents including current and future county board members, elected leaders, community organizers, researchers, social service providers, civil rights advocates, formerly incarcerated individuals, and others. Together we articulate a way forward on the jail that addresses root causes, meets the needs of those incarcerated as well as the jail staff, addresses challenges of racial justice, anticipates policy changes such as bail bond reform and decarceration efforts, all within a context that is financially realistic. We are united in these concerns.”

You can download the presentation below:

Community Justice Collaborative Report on the Jail (4)