Stop the County Board’s Latest Scheme to Fund Jail Builing! – Urgent Action

Stop the County Board’s Latest Scheme to Fund Jail Building – Urgent Action Required!

Tuesday, August 9th 6:30pm at the Brookens Administration Building (1776 E. Washington St. Urbana)

What’s happening?

The Champaign County Board is sneaking a multi-million dollar satellite jail expansion package within a “Facilities Action Plan” that they will discuss on Tuesday, August 9th and vote on on Thursday, August 18th. In an attempt to mask the plan for building more cells at the satellite jail facility, the county has included within this plan necessary repairs and maintenance of other facilities in with the proposal. Unfortunately, the current proposal allocates approximately 65% of the money for law enforcement purposes, including 36% ($18 million) for renovating and expanding the satellite jail, closing the downtown jail, and moving the sheriff’s offices. It has zero funding for much-needed alternatives to incarceration.

 This a “jail referendum” NOT a “facility referendum” as it is being advertised.  

For years, Champaign-Urbana citizens have voiced their opposition to further jail construction and have asked the board to push for alternatives to incarceration, including a mental health crisis facility. The current proposal does not allocate a single cent of immediate funding from the sales tax  for facilities and programs that will keep people out of jail. Community members have also asked for attention towards and information about the deaths of three Champaign residents who died in the jail within a 7 month period; deaths which have yet to be adequately addressed by county officials.

Routine maintenance on county facilities and continued advocacy for critical community programs for the health and safety of our county deserves support. However, we remain in opposition to expanding the satellite jail and feel that this “Action Plan” put forth by the board comprises much needed maintenance by attaching millions of dollars in unpopular jail construction.

Mobilize to the board meeting on Tuesday, August 9th at 6:30pm at Brookens Admin. Building (1776 E. Washington St., Urbana) and stop the board from proceeding with this jail building referendum!

The referendum proposal can be found here: Referendum proposal 2016 facilities sales tax August 2016

Build Programs, Not Jails

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